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Stephanos of Alexandria on the soul and spirit of copper

“And being burnt to ashes they make many and divine works and various colours [...] leading the nature back outside to the visible. On the one hand, those sulphurous things are active bodies; on the other hand, a power […]. For such things as come to rebirth, relate to an easily apprehended art, espe­cially for they who cook together the ash of common plants with the like, and melt together the ashes of bodies and glasses with the like [...]. For these bodies come again to a cer­ tain power and virtue and re­birth, having a nature imitative of the whole universe and of the elements themselves, whence also they have re­birth, a communion with a certain spirit, as of things coming into existence by a material spirit. So copper, like a man, has both soul and spirit”.

from Taylor’s translation, Ambix 1938.



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