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  • Alexandra

It may not be alchemy but…

... it feels like it might be.

The exhibition by Danish artist Marie Louise Kold that opened at the Jäger & Jansson Galleri in Lund on the 16th October gives a glimpse of the lifeforms that could arise if copper was infused with the life force. The mushrooms, flowers, lichens that abound in her works are deceptively similar to those found in nature, but their shapes, their presence, their colours are constrained by the metallic essence of the element from which they are fashioned.

In its use of arcane patination cocktails and processes, this work lies at the boundary of alchemy and art. That it should be on show in Stora Gråbrödersgatan in Lund, a mere few doors away from where Strindberg carried out his alchemical investigations, is perhaps not surprising. This kvarter’s associations with alchemy are long and deep and, seemingly still alive and vibrant.


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